Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Wallflower Mommies:

  • I'm finally able to chime in on this dual-launch that Thunder and I are attempting so here goes. To all of you others out there who are in the same boat of not feeling the mommy support that you should, myself (boots) and Thunder, implore you to comment your angst and share the "hurt" on our couch of shame. We both hail from very similar cities and have relocated to a much smaller, more rural-minded area where rational mommy thinking doesn't much exist. I am ever grateful for my new found friend and hope to make more but the fact that I'm even discussing this topic at the age of @# is just un-called for. (Excuse the flaring diabetes).

  • Do I hear the cry in the wilderness, do I feel your pain? Absolutely! Everyday. I sometimes get so down and out about the ever draining pond of energy that it takes to keep up, that I hardly take a moment for self.

  • Well it's time we all come together to vent a bit about the woes of motherhood in this here society. Don't get me started on what this country once was because I may spin into the old standby of how I had to track uphill through sleet and snow to get to school when really the worst it ever got was when my stepdad would drop me off in his UncleBuck rendition of a clunker and wait until I got through the doors of my H.S. Plus what would I know about real hardship, I've always had a roof over my head and food on my plate (too much food, I concur).

  • But as for what, we as creative, innovative, intelligent, baby-making peeps can do to make our world a better place....well I'm here to talk it out. I believe in no sugar-coatin (as they would say in these here parts) so lay it out ladies.....Thunder and I can take it! God bless!

  • -Boots


Cheap n Easy Mom said...

Boots - I love the honesty! I would leave a very detailed comment, but it might overtake everything and that wouldn't be too nice of me =) Sending hugs and kisses!

PS - I added you to my blogroll and gave you a shout-out!

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