Friday, September 4, 2009

Click "M" for Mommy

Team Thunder Boots:

Once upon a time, the newly transplanted Sweet Thunder and Boots or members #236, #237 respectively met in the Mommyhood - a psedonym for many of the various local playdate groups designated for moms in their area. It would certainly seem these likened twin souls were destined to meet. They were three-legged tables thrust into a sea of four-legged acerbic-tongued-stepford-caricatures and "so-I'm-a-mom-whose-no-longer-a-girl-but-yeah-I've-still-gone-wild" incarnations. Not a good fit in either category, they soon became known in inner circles as 'Playdate Killas' because of their odd immunity to the crackberry; their insatiable need to actually spend time with their families over their friends; and most troubling of all? Their blatant lack of desire to formulate an entire sentence bashing any Mommy who temporarily stepped out of earshot. "Tsk! Tsk, ladies! Now, that's 10 points taken from Gryffindor since everyone knows that gossip mongers are the new pink!"

OK, So Why Blog?

Well, we want to contribute to the greater good of the whole - charity and all that sunny-side-up jazz in the best Pollyanna way we know how which is with advice and laughter. So, go ahead - solicit our advice. We are immensely qualified for the gig and by "immensely" I mean we're sitting across from you in your local Starbucks right now sipping our Two for One Tazo Chai asking "and so how does this makes you feel?"

- Sweet Thunder & Boots

P.S. We wish to thank our resident cartoonist Toonmania for the nifty bits of eye candy.


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